Woo Commerce is a popular choice for WordPress developers for ecommerce. Creating an ecommerce
store, managing it and more business functions such as tax and inventory management can be easily
managed using it.
WooCommerce is arguably one of the best ecommerce plugins due to its simplicity, flexibility and
integration with SEO platforms. Below are 8 reasons why you should use WooCommerce.

WooCommerce is popular.

You have that big idea in your head, you’re ready and raring to launch your ecommerce store but you want something different. You want something that the crowd does not follow.

Well, WooCommerce with over 4 million downloads show how trusted and useful it is for ecommerce websites.

Not only this, it’s support for small to large sized ecommerce stores makes sure it will stay useful as your business grows. And with that increasing popularity, it’s community support increases bringing more and more features to its bag.

WooCommerce is cheap

I wouldn’t say it’s cheap. It’s free. But free isn’t fulfilling, you say?

Any entrepreneur or business owner can take advantage of simplicity of WooCommerce and start their own business with relative ease. Given its popularity, finding a developer too will be as easy as using WooCommerce.

It being free means that there is no need to pay for software licensing or usage. However, note that extensions can be paid but the plugin itself is free to use and deploy.

WooCommerce is simple.

Within an hour of installing WooCommerce, you can configure your website, decide its layout and start selling products straight away.

Every option is easy to understand and planned out so you don’t need to spending time googling stuff.

However, functions like website layout, shipping and payment process will take time, however the basic workflow is very simple and straightforward.

It can be integrated with other plugins.

WooCommerce is highly extensible. It can be used with other plugins to make it more and more productive. Using this, a retailer can benefit more than they do with other options. Due to this high degree of integration, it has its own community of developers who build plugins specifically for WooCommerce.

WooCommerce can handle it all.

Be it the new Netflix. Be it you selling t-shirt. Or digital downloads. WooCommerce can handle all kinds of business models which other ecommerce plugins cannot.

WooCommerce means growth.

Marketing is an important aspect of any business, so is managing your finances. WooCommerce can be integrated with SEO plugins to extend its usability outside of just business. It’s simple to use backend provides various capability like refunds, shipping management and tax management. Moreover, it runs on WordPress which itself is a good Content Management System which empowers a huge number of websites.

WooCommerce is fast.

Being developed to be high optimized and to handle large amounts of incoming requests with low latency. Standard web servers provide support to WordPress so it is easy to host on the web as well.

WooCommerce has a huge developer community.

More plugins. More productivity. More sales.

What does this mean for a retailer?

All for a price tag of $0.00. New payment gateways, new management plugins mean that the retailer gets to customize their website according to their needs while more and more plugins keep rolling out.

WooCommerce can adapt according to your needs.

With a bit of tinkering, it can support up to a thousand sales per minute. It is made to work hard, just like you.


  • Popular: Over 4 million downloads reflect its popularity

  • A huge community of developers

  • Flexible: Can adapt to any business model

  • Ease of use: Download, Install and Sell.

  • Marketing features: Supports CMS and SEO plugins

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us to know how you can leverage the benefits of WooCommerce platform to start building your business application.