We Understand the Pains of Offshore Clients

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Pains of Offshore Clients Pains of Offshore Clients

There are many outsourcing companies, which don’t have ideas about the real pains of the offshore clients who are working with them in odd and adverse conditions. Fortunately, we are not from those, and have enough sympathy and understanding of the pains of our offshore patrons and we act on them to reduce by our best efforts.


There is a rampant growth of offshore software development companies in the third world countries like India. Any software developer or a group of developers/designers spend some years in industries and gain good experiences as well as techniques to grab offshore projects, they begin new company.


There are hardly few companies have registration and certifications of standards crafted by Indian government or IT industries and their organizations. Just hire few designers and programmers, rent or buy an office space, and create a website of the company are enough to claim as exceptional offshore software development services providing company! Isn’t it?


The lure of earning dollars/pounds leads these popup companies to do malpractices, offer low quality results, take mediocre projects at cheaper rates, and many times do cheating with innocent offshore clients. These all activities ensue in horror stories in first world and second world countries where people think to save some hard-earned bucks on their web or mobile app ideas.

We Have Invested in True Sense

Fortunately, Lujayn is not belong to the list of such mediocre and spamming companies, which are making false claims and do nothing. We have done hard work to establish ourselves in the industry as a professional entity. We have invested into the establishments of modern infrastructure.


We are highly conscious about our human resources at the very beginning and collecting true talents with adequate professional trainings. We set our vision and mission just to offer utmost satisfactions to our patrons situated at far distance, in a different culture and altogether different business environment that demand deeper understandings.

We Train Our Staff

Therefore, we believe in retaining our trained gems in our team forever and take appropriate steps accordingly. We trained them to create comfortable communications with all clients coming from diverse diaspora of the globe. We give them enough opportunities to learn and understand dealing with the people from various cultures and languages. Of course, we can’t be a native speaker, but try to offer enough comfort and comprehensions in our communications.


Filling the Communication Gaps

We know the pains of clients who want to depict something that is in their mind for frontend designs in particular and have no knowledge of designing or programming at all. If we can’t overcome their language barriers they will have frustrations and bad experiences for offshore work. Therefore, we try to listen them carefully on instant messengers through chat and video conferences.


We produce wireframes and prototypes in numbers more than necessary so they have enough choices and room to go creatively. Our project management strategies and software allow them to interact directly with designers or developers if necessary otherwise, our project manager with prolonged experiences are available to intermediate and guide them properly and honestly in favor of them.


We Don’t Let Our Patrons to Wake Up at Mid-Night

We have trained our human resources from top to bottom means from developers to project managers and marketing professionals to give enough comfort to the clients who are operating from different time zones and have to wake up during mid-night hours leaving their sweet sleeps. Therefore, we plan to stay for some early and some late hours in our own country, so we can overlap the day hours of our clients and don’t let them to wake up during nights.


We Offer Satisfaction with ROI

Apart from these comforts and facilities to the clients, we offer high quality output at highly competitive rates. As we know that, our patrons come at us for saving some money without losing quality credentials so we try hard to give them whatever they want/expect. If we disappoint them anyhow or anyway, they might not think of outsourcing at all in future.


When we add some value in the business of our patron, we would have inner satisfactions of doing something useful for our human beings at far places and in different contexts. Therefore, our support team is ready to help for some simple tweaks or to make big changes in our products at any time without delay and excuses, just by a call or leaving a message.


We Care Non-Tech Clients Too

However, our majority of clients are coming from the tech backgrounds or prepare prior to come at us by getting familiarity with tech terminologies and technologies prevailing in the market. Some innocent and busy folks approaches us and they are non-tech in our sense so we take care of them with a special care and treat them with respect and offer extra services to get them acquainted with industry and its terms. Our marketing division offer true guidance on selection of technologies, preparation of project scopes, project milestones and gain their trusts in honest manners.