We Ease Hiring for Non-Tech Clients Too

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It has observed that when an offshore client is from non-tech background and going to take advantages of our hire dedicated programming packages, he or she face difficulties in judging our hidden talents and ends up with bad impressions. Therefore, I have initiated this post to educate them and ease their hiring process in real meaning.


No doubt, our most of offshore clients are either B2B or come with adequate preparations/experiences for offshore hire dedicated developer services. However, bulk of traffic contains newbies in this filed, for mobile app development in particular. No doubt, there are many smart clients approaching us who either have developer friends in their circle or temporarily take help of software consultants. They do it from their localities or from LinkedIn like professional networks.


Right now, I am leaving some piece of advices for those who don’t know any ABCD of programming or software development process itself.


Remember Programing Is Programming

All computing devices working with an operating system. All operating systems obey the code that instruct them to work in a particular fashion. This code is consisting some sort of structure that is call syntax just like a natural human languages have. If dive deep we will find that all programming languages have somewhat similarity in the code components like all have functions, classes, integers, properties, values, etc.


Most of programming languages are integrating databases and other third party tools to take external helps. Thus, if any developer has all these programming fundamentals clear in mind and knows how to implement programming logics in one or another programming language he or she can get proficiencies in any old, present, or upcoming technologies/languages.


I tell this story to you because we are programmers and learning new languages, technologies, tools, techniques, tweaks, and tactics are in our genes/DNA!


Therefore, never hesitate to place proposal for a project that is not belong to the mentioned languages or technologies on our website. We are ready to learn and have passionate about the programming.


Ask Degree of the Hire Programmer

As discussed above, if your hire programmer has not a valid degree of programming how she can go further leaning new languages and technologies or take programming challenges with a solid base. I don’t say you stick with some particular degrees, but just have graduation with programming degree is guarantee of success and rest is depending experiences.


Fortunately, we recruit at Lujayn, only technical graduates coming from reputed institutions because only reputed universities offer latest languages/technologies as their degree project work and offer internships in good companies. These approaches halves our loads of training and newbies also can pick up professional levels/ladders quickly.


Ask About Previous Experiences

Perhaps, this the most critical questions that one tech or non-tech client should ask our or any other developer/s while hiring developers as offshore client. Generally, at Lujayn we never let any client to make direct contact with a developer at first attempt because our marketing team that is also consisting tech professionals decide whether your project is within our reach or not at infrastructural level as well as at human resources level.


Thus, we have perfect ideas that, which developer or team of developers are suitable for you. Moreover, they decide that, which technologies will work in your case and whose resumes are matching with it. Thus, we forward only matching resumes to you to take virtual interviews with our hire programmers or hire developer.


Now, it is your part that you careful examine them and find out who has previous experiences and which part of the portfolio project is matching with your needs. This way you will have ready-to-use skill set with a guaranteed success and least investment of time and money both. No doubt, finding such part is tricky, but some prior practice may solve your problems, otherwise you can take help of our expert consultants to manage this issue.


Ask How Your Hire Programmer Will Face Challenges and Crisis

If you find out that some part of your project is not belong to the any item of portfolio of your hire developer/s, you can directly push to answer that how he or she can manage them and what much time it will take to come up with finished product. Their explanations will show you their personalities and passions about programming and learning new things in life.


Each project have their own issues developing during development so fixing issues or debug code is  desirable properties for a good programmers so ask them how they had manage problems or crisis in past projects and what would be their approaches if any arising in your project.


Ask About Soft Skills

Level of soft skills are critical for any offshore client because all clients have to depend on the communication abilities understanding of their culture and nature of businesses as well as their target audiences make big impacts on the project. Therefore, Lujayn always recruits programmers with good English (or with abilities to learn) and trained them to make effective communications with offshore clients through writing in chats, speaking on Skype, and making presentation in video conferences if needed.


It is better your hire programmer have good documentation abilities like preparing project proposals, giving detailed reports in comprehensive language that tech and non-tech both clients can understand. Therefore, ask you hire developer to have done any see one of them as an example.


Finally, Ask Whether Your Hire programmer Has Created Unique/Innovative Code

This is a typical question for a project with innovative ideas and implementation of latest technologies where copycat code might not work at all and your developer/s have to push their creativity, domain expertise, and coding skills beyond the boundaries. We have seen that most of the programmers find out similar code on Internet and modify them according to the needs of the project as well as makes them functional, but these practices are not working in perfectly- unique features or functionality development on both web and mobile programming.


Therefore, we always encourage coding from the scratch and offering opportunities to our programmers to go beyond their traditional boundaries and produce some unique and innovative things in their projects.