The restored razor

The restored razor


The Restored Razor is dedicated to providing high quality straight razors for all levels of experience. We specialize in creating new stock from vintage inventory through a detailed restoration process…


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We try to stock straight razors from common to collectable. You may find a classic Or you may find something interesting. With the nature of restoring vintage straight razors, our stock is always changing. If you don't see something you like today it may be here tomorrow.

Our Role:

No doubt, this VirtueMart Joomla development project was of B2B in nature and our loyal B2B customer JIKOmetrix has strong favour of aesthetics aspects of web designing. Therefore, we have taken special care of site aesthetics along with functional aspects at technical point of views in VirtueMart with Joomla.


We have created robust and seamless theme using classic graphics with high quality background. Each UI component has its own place and function on the page and in the aesthetics aspects of the theme.


We have designed category and product pages with simple block separation techniques using content and typography. Further separations have made with subtle color changes in background and embossing fields and boxes.


As clients have to place high quality product images on product places in greater numbers, we have to take superb optimization techniques at graphics as well as in code to maintain the performance balance.


We have leveraged ecommerce features of VirtueMart by customizing them and offered exceptional brand experiences. We have minimized checkout and add to cart steps right from category and product pages at all level. Integration of various payment methods were enough to ensure higher conversion rate and comfort of shopping.


We have made this storefront Multilanguage by offering language selection offers for intended audiences of selected countries where end client (owner) can ship her products.


Business Category:

Niche product storefront designing