The Traits of Designers and Developers—You Can Expect at Lujayn

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It has seen that plenty of web designing, web development, and mobile development companies claiming high when declare their hiring packages. Unfortunately, they seldom proved true at them. Let’s see what are the reasons they fail.


Practically, you need tons of honest efforts to achieve such capacities such as:


  • You should have ultramodern infrastructure to meet the advance requirements of modern quality web and mobile development. For instance, without Mac you can’t do perfect iOS app development. Thus, latest software, hardware, and all facilities to create highly conductive and collaborative development environment. Fortunately, Lujayn has all.
  • You have to be careful while you recruit your human resources. Therefore, we begin it right from the interview processes.
  • You need to run intensive and regular training programs for human resources to foster right traits in newbies as well as to hone the skills of experienced ones.
  • You have offer adequate compensations, perks, incentives, etc. worth to the skills and outputs of your designers or developers with regular evaluations.


Fortunately, we have solid practical approaches and strategies to foster desired traits in our human resources and this post may depict them in right manner.



In fact, when we include any new member in our team, we treat him/her as a partner of our business because the overall income of the company is depending the endeavors of all including designers and developers. Therefore, we keep close eyes on their financial contributions in the regular income of the company and based on that we offer compensations, rewards, and incentives time-to-time.


Therefore, we expect our designers and developers to swear complete responsibilities of their work and come up with quality work within deadlines and with customer satisfactions. We are charting out feasible and practical career paths for all staff. We also heading towards achieving such growth of the company so our web development or mobile development team never have to think of jumping from one company to another in order to rise their salaries, their skill sets, or even learn new and incoming technologies in the market. As we do all in a nutshell for them in advance.


Passionate for the Work

During interview process, we take care to see that our designers or developers are thoroughly interested in their work and capable to push their boundaries when challenges/crisis arising. We have simple logic that if a programmer is not passionate for programming and not learning new things based on their solid programming fundamentals, they are bourdon for our team and other scrappy designers and developers. Thus, we try to avoid their entries at first place.


Dedicated To Do Quality Work

Quality work always demands interpersonal skills and domain expertise at first hand. For instance, a web designer doesn’t have mastery over Photoshop, Illustrators, etc. like graphics designing software besides good hand drawn art, she is useless to produce robust and amazing designs in this digital age. The same is true for the web developers as they have to know latest technologies/languages particularly opensource, tools, and techniques along with proprietary programming skills.


Inherent talents and creativity are some desirable traits in modern age web and mobile developers and designers. If they don’t show their imaginations in their work and come up with unique and innovative ideas, clients in such fiercely competitive age never will stay for longer.


User experiences and usability are some new buzzwords in the market since last half-decade. Therefore, in-depth study over these aspects are mandatory to climb the ladder of success for personal as well as company’s growth.



However, this is not applicable for the fresher candidates, but at least we expect that they should have done enough prerequisite work in their project work and during internships relevant to their choice of the field. No doubt, for seniors and experienced developer, we expect that they should constantly honing their skills and should eager to learn new technologies, techniques, and tools coming in to the market.


It is true that none can be master in all modern technologies so we expect pragmatic approaches towards their current domain expertise and be ready to add some more value in each projects. Besides these, we also expect to have some working knowledge in the related technologies to their main expertise since all programming fundamentals are same in all languages and scripts so learning new ones are not tough, just need devotion. Therefore, we offer enough room to learn and grow for all.


Time to Market

In present era, each client has some sort of emergency and mobile app development is witnessing these high as everybody wants to grab market earlier in order to beat competitions. Thus, keeping quality and delivering quickly becomes a cakewalk on the hanging rope. If our designers and developers are not trained and capable to deliver projects within given timeline, none will be our loyal customer at the end of the day. Therefore, we spend enough time and resources to attain time to market quality in our human resources.


Communication Skills

We have listed this skill at last because making effective communication with offshore clients is not easy thing to do for a non-native and Indian developer or designer. It takes rigorous training and inherent aptitude to learn new languages (English) with British tone and American pronunciations like things as well as understand the cultural contexts.


In fact, each project needs deep knowledge of industries and perfect understandings of the targeted audiences in advance. Thus, we spend time and resource for such training and keep ready our team to deliver highly comfortable and effective communications to our patrons using latest communication technologies. We also train them to attend clients from different and odd time zones with equal sprites.



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