Stand Up Paddle Sports

Stand Up Paddle Sports


Like traditional surfing itself, Stand Up Paddle surfing (SUP) has it roots in the waters of Hawaii. SUP is now a sport accessible to all, as improved technologies have allowed boards to come down a lot in weight while modern surfboard design has improved manoeuvrability on waves…


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SUP is an excellent crossover sport that not only provides more time on the water but also provides an isometric workout that strengthens core muscle groups, improves balance and generally improves fitness.


Our Role:

Our scrappy Joomla VirtueMart developers had much interest in this website designing and programming because it was a call for modern looking storefront with latest technologies and smart implementations.


We have designed this responsive online storefront with smart UI elements where comprehensive symbols, balanced and optimized images, and un-cluttered layout were focused elements.


We have employed smart, but simple navigational designs with dynamic and responsive elements. Onsite search features was with contemporary technologies and filters for an e-commerce shop. We have design top sticky navigation to offer ultimate comfort for visitors.


Product category pages were of standard designs, but have greater user experiences with smart layouts and advance e-commerce features. Shopping cart features have modern display across the pages on top so users have perfect idea of items in cart and its budgets.


We have leveraged VirtueMart side navigation and other additional e-commerce functionality in this sports product storefront development in custom ways.


We have integrated Newsletter signup plugin for Joomla in this website because one of the aim of client was to educate users of the products and provide them training virtually as well as in-person.


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