Some Good New Extensions for Joomla Virtuemart Developers Part 1

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Virtuemart Extension Development at Lujayn Virtuemart Extension Development at Lujayn

Lujayn has team of seasoned Joomla Virtuemart developers with domain expertise to create contemporary e-commerce stores for modern users. Therefore, they are aware of the latest developments in the market and would like to introduce you some useful extensions.



It is true that Magento is an unbeatable e-commerce storefront used in recent era for pure e-commerce shop creation. Unfortunately, it is not suitable in every cases and for all businesses. Therefore, majority of small to medium size businesses are opting alternative solutions for pure economic benefits and some additional advantages such as integration with powerful CMS.


WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal are such famous CMS, which has some powerful extensions of e-commerce to meet such dual needs seamlessly and solving problems of small to medium business with least overhead. Virtuemart, formerly known as PHP shop is capable to go with these popular CMS and its combination with Joomla is the most preferred alternative of many powerful standalone e-commerce shopping carts.


Recently, we have seen a giant e-commerce shop with some 820,000 products running on normal VServer with excellent performance and Joomla Virtuemart powers it. Thus, the march of Virtuemart with latest updates in extension as well as Joomla core is non-stop and its future is bright with its responsive designing capability. Therefore, I have decided to put ahead some Joomla Virtuemart extensions on the notice of Joomla Virtuemart developers in this series.


Extensions for Slideshow like Product Display

For e-commerce visitors, product display in alluring and eye grabbing manners are something compel them to stay more. Therefore, slideshow like features are desirable in most cases. “Modern Slideshow” is one of such extensions that let you displays products in easy-to-use, elegant, and full-features slider.


You will find built-in advance animation that helps you to augment the viewing experiences on your Virtuemart shop. You can apply various styles for sliders like auto-play in most cases, hover and transition in some particular cases. You have free reign to display product with categories/groups like all products in case of small stores, featured, latest, and best-selling products in most cases.


Its settings are easy and quick so your store looks fresh with regular changes in the products and product groups in sliders. It is suitable for many kinds of products as you can set and manage product display size, show prices, and product descriptions.


Another powerful slider is “Vertical Showcase Slider” with almost same features described above, but offer additional opportunities of vertical sliding instead of horizontal one. No doubt, in age of tiny screens vertical sliding is the much seek after features where hand gestures like scrolling with fingers is a fun activity.


Modern online stores are going to give highly personalize experiences in each step and stage of the online shopping. Therefore, simply showing general category products, which have no interest for the visitors, is a sin in user experiences and personification designing. Thus, recent development of “Related Product Slider” for Virtuemart is the most-fit solution for Joomla Virtuemart owners.


Since customization in slider display is must this extension offer you title customization, title display options, and query library working based on user interest. You can use auto sliding as per your wish and you can integrate jQuery Cycle plugin in this slider. The best thing is that it is absolutely free.


In next part, we will see some more useful and contemporary Joomla Virtuemart extensions.