Smart Mobile Developers Using Cutting-Edge Mobile Development Tools Part 1

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Cutting-Edge Mobile Development Tools Cutting-Edge Mobile Development Tools

In present era mobile development is a buzzword in software development community. All sorts of web and software developers are going to dirty their hands in mobile programming. There are two big platforms, iOS and Android are grabbing the attentions of the developers most due to ultimate big returns on their investment of time and money.

However diving deep in to Objective C and Java (with Android library) is not smooth sailing for the most who have not big scale native app projects. Mostly, web developers who have some clienteles asking for small to medium size mobile app programming. In due course, today I am going to introduce you some easy shortcuts to go on mobile programming without indulging much in those complicated native languages.


In simple technical words, I am introducing you the mobile app development tools, which are either offering cross-platform app programming or web app programming (browser base) with some less/inferior native experiences. Yes, this is a fact that creating absolute native experiences and leveraging all features of hardware and software (OS) is not possible without native languages and tools like X-code for iOS and Eclipse for Android.


Let’s start our ride.

Cross-Platform Frameworks

Corona SDK

Among the all cross-platform mobile app programming platforms, this one has some more advantages at technical points of views. It has all useful features to create and run mobile apps on various OSes such as iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, Nook etc. In addition to these it has a physics engine that let the mobile developers to take objects and simulate them bouncing around the true world.


Therefore, programming intricate games is much easier with Corona SDK. Besides being the powerful game engine, Corona is offering extensive cloud support, chat session support, and let you integrate application/game with major social media platforms seamlessly.


Technically Corona engine is working on Lua language/script that bundles your code in .app or .apk files with help of online server lab just like native iOS or Android SDK do. Therefore, Internet connection is essential in most of the cases to get finished app.

Appcelerator Titanium

It is a combination of Appcelerator enterprise platform and Titanium developer platform mainly banking on JavaScript along with HTML5 and CSS3. JavaScript wraps the code and access the native features on all major mobile platforms including iOS, Android, Windows, BlackBerry, etc. Therefore, this tool set is considering the most reliable and promising one and used extensively in the mobile developer community.


Moreover, you can get cloud support for the backend work especially in case of fatty data. They have specialized tables for geographic info, photos, and much more useful on social media that is not available on other mobile development tools for cross-platform work.


Apart from these two major cross-platform tools, I would like to discuss some miscellaneous tools particularly browser based tools in the next part.