SEO Knowledge A Must for Web Development Company

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Importance of SEO Importance of SEO

Lujayn is an eminent web development company with adequate knowledge of SEO and have SEO professional to offer honest consultation. Therefore, you have greater chances to win the hearts of your target audience as well as achieve good rankings in SERP.


at Lujayn run a web development department along with mobile and other computer software development teams. We have clients from locals (a few) and offshore locations. Therefore, our marketing department has to deal with variety of clients with different natures. Generally, we listen to our clients and offer honest opinions and guidance at first place in gentle tones/ways.


Misconception and Lack of Knowledge

If those clients are intelligent and open-minded they immediately accepting our views and advice. Unfortunately, such folks are in minority and majority of clients persist on their biases or on the views taken from others in industry. Recently. We have analyzed our experiences in a non-formal meet with marketing and other web programmers as well as designers. We found that majority of clients were suffering from the lack of knowledge or understandings of SEO like things in web development industry.


Behavior of Clients

Due to this reason alone, they stick to make small websites despite their online or offline businesses have big volume. Based on common sense, we know if a client has a few products or limited services to offer who doesn’t need a big website at all. The same is true for just informative or personal websites. Unfortunately, we have encountered some big e-commerce and some retailers with bulk of products or services to display on the website.


Keeping the biased psyche, they propose us to make small 10 or 20 page websites with product categories only. They prefer to show products in a popup window with small description texts and an image. It is true that we also are facing fierce competitions in the market and letting to go any client is unfeasible for such minor reasons. Therefore, willingly or unwillingly we accept their proposal and do things accordingly.


We Ran Brainstorming

After some brainstorming sessions, we have decided to create some documents and some visual presentations online and offline. We intended to educate our clients and visitors about the SEO aspects of web designing and web development. As they are coming with comparative shopping mindset, and begins bargaining with us, leaving their own interests aside.


Let me share some of important extracts points of our brainstorming sessions.


SEO Understanding

Most of clients have no idea about the keywords/key phrase of their products and how search engines works. Despite these, they want to see their products or websites listed on the top pages/ranks on the SERPs. Therefore, we decided to educate them about the keywords. Why we need separate pages for each keywords, as well as wish give understanding the differences between the same kinds of keywords.


For instance, there are hairdryer and hot hairdryer keywords for a product. Thus, we have to explain that simple hairdryer keywords carry meaning for general categories of hairdryer, but hot hairdryer refer only one product type and we have to have separate page for the both keywords. In due course, we ask clients to give us a list of products for which they want to see the top results in SERP or have business importance for those products.


After collecting required data, we convince them to make separate pages for each products or keyword and our SEO experts or theirs have to prepare Meta data accordingly including product descriptions. Moreover, we have to explain the importance of unique copy or content on the website. We have to explain that how they help us to get ranking if done with proper structure of content according to laws of SEO.


Information Architecture and Navigation Understanding

As we told about the importance of keyword research in decision-making for the web pages. Therefore, the same has applied for the information architectures of the website, which is again based on your keyword research and you have to make navigation menu accordingly. If you don’t know how to do keyword research and how to formulate categories as well as product pages navigation list in a hierarchy suitable to the logic of your website and its marketing, you can’t go for navigation as well as further content writing work.


Apart from these, our clients don’t know how to make content structure and do smart content writing keeping target audiences as well as bots in mind. They only know that in responsive website end users have tiny screens to see big and voluminous pages as well as have little time to read the content, but they don’t know headings, sub-headings, and sub-sub-headings let end-users to scan content easily as well as offer additional information once they find their interesting stuff.


Content Structure

Moreover, Google and other bots prefer long and highly informative unique content on the web so writing only 300 to 400 words for a big page with multiple keywords are not sufficient to get ranking according to the latest Hummingbird algorithm. They opt for at least more than 1K words with scannable titles/headings, bulleted texts, and short para in contextually relevant information architecture.


Each Web Development Company Needs SEO Consultancy

Do you think all web designers or web developers have such knowledge and experiences? Are they professional SEO guys? Are they professional content writers? Never, so you need to redirect your clients to the SEO team or SEO representative in your marketing team. This way you will educated and guide properly your clients before seating with designers and programmers for further website development planning.


I hope now you are convince enough to ask for a SEO team/professional or have enough SEO knowledge to your selected company for your web development work. If still not lucky to get one, let’s try Lujayn for once.