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People love freedom and mobile devices are providing that at low cost. Therefore, the user base of smartphones and tablets is increasing tremendously. If you look at the figure, you may find that nearly one billion adult population of world is depending on mobile devices for their all tasks rather than desktop or laptop. Among them, nearly 70% population is connected with internet thorough mobile devices.

You Need To Capture Vast Audience

If you are a smart business man or entrepreneur, you are obviously try to capture the audience on the mobile devices. However, taking mobile first approaches seem attractive, but costly and daunting task at financial and technical point of view because:


Mobile platforms are fragmented at OS level i.e., iOS, Android, Windows, BlackBerry, Symbian, platforms are using their own identical OSes. They are again fragmented at hardware level. For instance, Android has a great range of devices produced by more than 100 producers in varying sizes and hardware compatibility.


Accepted Solutions

If you have well defined and limited audience on mobile/handheld devices you can think of mobile specific website development. For instance, you know your target audience is significantly using iOS devices then you can think of iPhone or iPad compatible website.


In contrast, when you need to cover vast audience around the globe you have to cover all mobile devices along with desktops and laptops. In such situation, we have only one way and that is responsive designing that change in response to the changing size and resolution of the devices. In simple words, your website should look and give same user experiences on the desktop, smartphone and tablet without missing core features and functionality.


Why is Responsive Web Designing at LUJAYN Preferable

As you know, creating responsive website technically and creatively is challenging, so:

  • We are always sharpening our knowledge with latest technologies and techniques prevailing in the market to create modern responsive web designs.
  • We learn new techniques and tools for designing and coding responsive designing. For instance, new ways and tags that can make HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, jQuery, etc. more meaningful and good performing, we grasp them and implement in our constantly iterating processes of responsive web development.
  • Apart from coding, graphics, UI and UX aspects of responsive web designing are also addressed carefully at LUJAYN. Our unmatched team of graphics designers know how to make high performing images for different screen size and resolutions and hardware/software compatible like retina display.
  • Our UI experts know how to make UI component more alluring without missing usability and user friendliness of the website.
  • Our UX professionals manage same user experiences across the range of devices and platforms with browser compatibility.


What You Will Do

If you want to grab such big opportunity to create responsive website for you at highly reasonable rates and shortest time line, we are the best option. Of course, we expect some cooperation from your side too, like providing us content resources and your constant feedbacks during responsive designing process such as:

  • Cooperate us during testing phases when we test the touch friendliness of our responsive designs
  • Assure that your website is working across all the devices and browsers without any hurdle or user experience issue
  • Assure that our design is eye candy yet functional across the devices and all layouts are befitting on all sort of devices
  • Assure that if your responsive website has any performance issue on any device like loading or interaction problem across the screens
  • Take part actively in our user experiences surveys and assure maximum positive responses for your website


Once you find everything satisfactory, don't forget to recommend LUJAYN to your other friends or social circle. Thanks.


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Lujayn Infoways are amazing. They outperformed my wildest expectations. Akram and his team are true experts. I will be coming back to his team for more site modifications and have already recommended him to others. I am very happy with the results.

Daniel Lalama

United States