Possible Time Zone Fixes While Hiring Offshore Developers

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Lujayn Mitigates Time Zones Differences Lujayn Mitigates Time Zones Differences

Lujayn has vast experiences to work with offshore clients therefore, it has developed some effective measures to mitigate the various issues related to hiring dedicated developers from us and in this post we are going to discuss in brief.


In software development community, mainly two school of thoughts are running particularly in developed countries where shortage of skills are evident apparently. One is whether hire local developer as an in-house team for their mobile, web, and other software needs. Another is hiring offshore-dedicated developers as per needs. Just like a coin, each option has two facets, pros & cons, but we won’t indulge in them much. Instead, I would like to ease the lives of those clients who prefer hiring an offshore developer or a team of developers to make some fortune or want to save their hard-earned bucks at the end of the day.


Time Zones Differences—Nature of the Problem

In offshore work, both parties are located at distance places and their time zones may overlap at some degrees or not at all. No doubt, modern communication technologies such as advanced instant messengers, live chat facilities, video conferences at any scale, smartphones, etc. bridge the gaps of distance at greater degree and placed us just like we do face-to-face. Sharing screens, placing presentations side-by-side, exchanging code using GitHub like repositories solve lots of technical problems for a software developers and their tech-savvy or B2B clients.


Despite these all, we have to manage our time of interactions with offshore team and we have to wake up in a mid-night portion in order to attend an offshore meeting. These things put some cognitive load over the clients. It is but natural that none will perform her best when she wakes up in between the sleep and answers your intricate technical or business related questions.


Possible Fixes

In due course, we suggest some way outs according to the location and nature of the project such as:


Use of Scrum

At first hand, we prefer SCRUM software development methods because with scrum your project would be self-organized at first place where scrum master will take all challenges and various teams of designers, researchers, marketing professionals, programmers, and QA professionals work in a tandem and directly responsible to the scrum master.



This way you will get regular updates of the project as well as scrum master, just like a project manager intermediate your communication with other stakeholder/developers. Therefore, Lujayn prefer this development methodology for most of the offshore clients and ensure a transparency in the project where your all needs and wishes would have a place in this iterative software development process.


Use of Local Project Manager

In case of non-tech clients or B2B clients who have tons of work and series of projects prefer to have someone in their nearby who understand their languages, cultures, and business contexts very well. Thus, hiring a local project manager solves your time zone related problems and he or she will communicate with the team as per need or while you are sleeping in case of wide time zone differences. Afterwards, you can contact her/him at your working time in local and set things with an ease. Thus, local project manager will solve your tech related problems as well as saves you from any cheating or other accidents.


In fact, all the clients are not capable to hire local project manager or all the projects are not permitting to do that therefore, Lujayn offers well trained project managers who spend his/her nights in communication with offshore clients and spare day portions with the team in lab. This way our project manager acts as a buffer for you and our team.