Path towards Advance Web Designing Part 5 – Call to Action Elements – 3

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CTA Messages in UI Designing CTA Messages in UI Designing

The next thing is the messages on or relevant to call-to-action element designing for your user interface on digital landscape, which is highly influenced part of the success on the web or in mobile app milieu.


In previous section, we have gone through detailing for the placement issues of the CTA elements in UI so our next target would be the messages that deliver highly influential emotions to create desired actions and reactions through CTA. Let’s check some vital details regarding them.


Messages of CTA

We have learnt that designing CTA visual element may draw attentions among the visual clutter on the interface, but the part of textual element is remaining to bring in discussion. Therefore, let’s check how text copy of written message on and around the CTA elements or buttons should be designed efficiently.


Establishing a Logical Link

If you place or design your call-to-action buttons on isolated landscape in interface with only basic graphical elements, it would tough to convey your message effectively. Therefore, placing some intro texts is essential to define the CTA at first glance.



If we say your intro text or copy on the button is a primary message, some additional or supportive texts or copy is essential to elaborate the contexts of your CTA and it would be your secondary or supportive message that will establish a logical link between the surrounding visual or textual UI elements and your CTA buttons.


It is essential to place your CTA element on interface where it seems the most appropriate like place on the top or above the fold or just at the end or next or in adjoining areas of text paragraphs relevant to the CTA. Thus, you will trigger emotion through textual elements and convert it in your favor through CTA without losing focus of the visitors anyhow.


For Primary Message

We generally use very few words on CTA element due to space constraints in most cases. Therefore, selection of right words becomes critical to trigger psychological impacts or say emotions. In due course, we should take help of language experts or professional copywriters with adequate experiences and expertise.


For Secondary Message

It is true that we can say everything in two or three words in effective manner so adding secondary message on the CTA button or around the button area may help people to comprehend your message easily. Of course, your secondary message should be relevant and in proper contexts.



Therefore, always display secondary action just below the primary one or give visual separation between them yet maintaining their primacy using color separation or size/shape separation methods. Otherwise, it would be difficult to judge that which message is primary and which one is secondary and how they are relevant or supporting each other.


Before jumping on the next part of the series describing messages on CTA elements, I would like to say that you should have good designing team with adequate niche expertise is essential and Lujayn has such teams of web designers and mobile developers to offer their services at premium rates.