Path towards Advance Web Designing Part 5 – Call to Action Elements – 2

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Placement of CTA Element in UI Placement of CTA Element in UI

Now, the next thing is the placement or position of CTA elements in the user interface or web page that decide the success or increase in conversion rate.


In previous part, we have revisited color theory again in wake of designing call-to-action buttons or elements. No doubt, colors are not only implement on the buttons or alike visual elements, but texts colors also play vital role to trigger desired actions in content driven user interface. HTTP text links are the best examples of colors as they are differing from the rest of texts due to its standard blue color and underline format.


Anyone can decide text links by hovering on them and clicking on them, as they are changing their colors for each status and offering the best user experiences.


Placement of CTA

It is true that no user looks on entire user interface at a time whether it is of mobile on tiny screens, or of web, on larger screens. There are certain parts or areas of interface that grab immediate attentions of arriving users at first glance while rests of areas follows the principles of visual hierarchy and guide users in certain directions gradually or ultimately in some cases.


For instance, top of the page seen before middle or bottom and top-right against left side of the screen. However, these priorities of areas are changing with culture, demography, and geography of your audience. If designers have accomplished prior study of their target audience, chances are greater to define such areas and place CTA elements according to their priorities in the visual hierarchy.


If we have the highest priority of CTA, top of the interface areas are good choices. Therefore, add-to-cart, signup and sign-in buttons have place on top-right regions and above the header or head banners of the web page. Landing pages, e-commerce sites, etc. are following this pattern. Middle of page or UI is the best choices for others kind of content driven web or mobile interfaces where prior awareness is essential for users to take right actions. If you know the distinguish areas in your UI layout, you can grab immediate attentions of well-informed users and initiate desired actions through CTA buttons placed there.


However, the selection of areas is not enough to make effective CTA design, but making them standout according to their importance in visual hierarchy using other techniques desirable to assure success. For instance, using negative space in smart ways to make your CTA elements standout from the crowd is highly used technique while in certain cases using white spaces to separate CTA elements from rests of visual groups works better.



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