Path towards Advance Web Designing Part 4 – User Interface Design – 3

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In previous part of this series, we have look in to the possible ways to achieve the best user interface design for you web and mobile designing projects for any scale of designing or programming work. Let’s go ahead with remaining factors to check for good design results in this current part.


By Applying three “C” in Design

In digital designing and software programming, three C have prime importance and they are Clean, Compact, and Comprehensive design or code. If your design is clutter free with appropriate usage of white space and grouping things in right manners or orders, you can improve the decency of design.


By avoiding unwanted UI elements or oversize elements, you can improve the overall performance of design.


Whereas comprehensiveness of design will come with smart UI elements, proper labeling, and use of innovative techniques to teach users to accept as well as adopt new conventions or standards using coming technologies and trends.


How to Bring Advancements in UI Designing

There are plenty of ways to bring advancements in Interface Designing besides the aforementioned ways in the previous section. Fundamentally, interfaces enable us to interact with the world, be it real or virtual. During these interactions, we have numerous interruptions. Therefore, the prime goals of UI designers to mitigate those obstacles or interruptions in order to grab the attentions and keep users engage through interfaces.



We can do it by offering the most comfort through developing feelings of total control of themselves and environment to the users through various ways. For instance, on interface we can show regular surfing system status, we can explain causation, or we can give insights that what users should expect from the interface for each action and turn.



As before we have talked about total control, means your interface should designed with little footprint and capable to recognize natural human gestures so users should have feeling of direct manipulation using objects of their focus. No doubt, that is tricky, but not impossible for seasoned designers with adequate experiences.



Design interface that supports real value of each single action of user and make it easy to learn, use it, and flexible to modify whenever needed in present as well as in future by any desi9gner or developer other than you.



Give priority to the actions according to their status i.e. make primary actions attention grabbing at first sight visually, while let secondary actions to take place one primary gets finished or make it lighter visually to avoid attention distractions of users.



Define relevancy of each interface element and action in planning of your design architecture and reduce cognitive loads of users to figure out them and their relationships with each other in interface. Relevancy is the best way to make deign intuitive.


Physical Comfort / Ergonomic Design

If your app or website need longer sitting of users or consisting of users who spend much of their time on the web or app, you should think of ergonomic aspects of design and make design that eyes can tolerate for long hours or on frequent exposures. You can select lighter or milder colors instead of bright ones. The selection of background as well as UI elements’ color, shape, vibrancy, and style demand some care and knowledge to make them ergonomic despite keeping their comparative importance in design.


Progressive Discloser

If go overtly to show too much info or ask for multiple actions simultaneously, possibilities to confuse users increasing. Therefore, keep things in balance and gradually show or disclose info using next screens so you can make interaction more obvious. Moreover, you will induce curiosity factor in entire experience of your interface to keep your users highly engage and interested in whatever you offer.


Involve others

In modern contexts, designing and development team consists of numbers of different expertise viz. visual and graphics designers at core, copywriter or content writer, UX designers including typography experts, information architectures and visualize at periphery and at top animators if needed.


Thus, instead of going alone with whole burden, take help of essential expertise for their niche areas and develop habit of working in collaborative and conductive environment so innovations and creativity can florish.


Usable design

Measure your design success when users like to use your interface the most, otherwise you are a failure despite alluring and attractive designing without usability at its core.


We hope that you may have good understandings of interface designing and know who can do and how it should be at the end. Therefore, we request you to come up with your questions or inquiries regarding web and mobile user interface (UI) designing. We are just waiting for your positive nodes.