Path Towards Advance Web Designing Part 3 – Visual Hierarchy - 1

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Visual hierarchy is an effective strategy to augment design further and guide onlookers to definite goals or excite them to take desired actions. Therefore, if you are smart and seasoned web designer, you can leverage it in your favor.


In previous parts of the series, we have explored the color theory and contrast like designing components learnt and how we can take advantage of that knowledge to refine our work in present contexts. In this post, we will look at another designing strategy and it is visual hierarchy of visual components in the interface. We will learn about their effects on design and will learn how they can help us to solve our ultimate challenging problems in this part.


During web designing, we take help of visual elements besides the textual content to deliver our messages to the targeted audience. Thus, we intentionally create things on website interface that communicate with our audience in effective and efficient manners. If you think of the purposes of our visual presentation on the website interface, I would like to say that we offer useful information to our visitors at first place so that they can solve their problems through desired actions.


In order to take actions, we should guide them through various ways like apparent by citing instructions, tips, onboarding, etc. techniques and invisibly by visual language or communication taking place subtly in mind and emotions. Thus, our UI components, designs, and interactions on interface are creating effective communication with our audience.


Aims of Visual Designers

Therefore, expert UI designers know how to create visual communication to deliver messages of usability, usefulness, and user experiences of UI and website as a whole at the end. They know the art of creation of content relationships and through it establishing priorities for users to take actions or guide them to do so at the desired point. They know how to invite more users and keep them engage until they serve the purposes of the UI or website or app at the end of their journey.


Ways to Create Visual Communication

In web design, aesthetic alone is not winning factor, but modern designers have multiple ways to communicate through visual elements of interface where similarity and differences could be considered as the frame through it we can view the shapes and create a visual language that anyone can comprehend. For instance, through differences, we can suggest that one object is closer to us, one object is more important and dominant than others, and color variations imply the personality of the objects as well as help us to group or ungroup the objects.


If your designers are smart, they can deliver multiple messages through single image or an UI. They can do it just by organizing visual elements in hierarchy and by applying many other rudimentary visual tools. The fundamentals behind visually organized hierarchy lay in categorizing natural neural power of human brain that grouping similar visual elements in to some meaningful patterns. Thus, through hierarchy you can deliver desired meaning to the onlookers and compel them to act as per your desired and perform your intended actions like buying or downloading through clicking buttons.


Tools To Create Visual Hierarchy

Designers have number of effective tools to create visual hierarchy in any design including UI design for website and mobile applications. Among them size of the visual element is one old yet powerful tool. For instance, bigger size always draws attentions and establishes importance of the element accordingly. Size also defines distance between users and among the elements so we perceive bigger elements nearer compared to smaller ones.


Color is again important visual element to solve multiple purposes like at first glance it establishes personality of element by triggering particular emotions or feelings therefore, each culture has some meaning behind each color in design and in real world. Another role of color is important in hierarchy and it is organizing capabilities. Therefore, colors create groups, boundaries, grab attentions, and define importance of elements and classify elements in highly organized manners in hierarchy of design. In other words, color is powerful branding tool in a design if used intelligently.


Before looking more visual tools to enhance our design, we will break from this part of the series and leave rests for the next part. However, you can’t win battle of intricate designing projects without the help of talented and skilled web designing team at your side and Lujayn has pool of such talents available at affordable rate to deliver the best ever quality without any compromise and influenced by the competitive rates offered.