Our Indian Advantages

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Our Indian Advantages Our Indian Advantages

Reasons for Why Our Offshore Patrons Are Comfortable While Working With Us


Indians are famous as well as infamous in the world of web for many things. However, being an Indian software outsourcing company Lujayn would like to be famous for good reasons with good characteristics. Therefore, we are just like a magnet that attracts patrons from across the world to get high quality web as well as mobile app development services.


Here we would like to depict some valid reasons why we Indians the first choice when any sort of software development services are in question on foreign lands and foreigners are seeking offshore work:


  • We Indians have acquired desired sets to code decently, albeit we are not able to create excellent products like Windows OS or Android OS independently in Indian peninsula, but our contributions in other various programming have applauded by folks across the world.
  • Indian peninsula is considered as the second largest English-speaking region on world map blessed by long-term British anarchy in our history and respect for English. Thus, it goes in our advantage.
  • Therefore, our average programmers have better understanding of English as a language and attached culture. Hence, you will receive good response and found thin barrier during conversation with us. No doubt, Lujayn offers some special training to its all human resources to make effective conversations with offshore patrons as well as how to offer them the utmost comfort while communicating with us.
  • At economic and wealth resources level, India is a bit deprived country in compare to first world or second world nations. Therefore, Indians are hard working by nature and ready to work for extended hours.
  • If you look at the statistics, Indian software professionals are famous for spending their 10 straight hours for a day work. Moreover, they would like to spend weekends in work, if good incentives are waiting for them.
  • This seems apropos to our foreign counterparts, who never pick calls after their fixed working hours. Whereas, you can call us at night 2:00 AM and not only we will pick your call, but also open our laptop and check or begin code!
  • Indians have broad understanding of various businesses across the world so we have better understand the target audience of our clients as well as their own requirements and capable to deliver the right product accordingly.
  • Of course, Indians are infamous for their not being punctual in daily life, but in professional life, they never miss the deadlines, as they treat it with their survival instincts.
  • Indians are good at technical documentation and enhanced reporting and credit goes to our high standard formal as well as technical education and practices.
  • Indians are always affordable if not the cheapest option because our salary levels are low in compare to affluent country citizens. Therefore, offshore clients see big margin when outsourcing the same work done by their in-house teams.
  • Due to comparatively lower lifestyle costs and other infrastructural costs, establishing a big scale unit with the latest and modern facilities as well as infrastructural facilities are far cheaper than our western counterparts.
  • Moreover, Indian government knows the importance of influx of dollars earned by outsourcing industry for software niche. Therefore, we enjoy multitudes of benefits in taxation, infrastructural investment, and other relevant services.
  • Due to high proliferation of Internet and good power supply conditions particularly in our Gujarat like state, we have uninterrupted operations at far cheaper overhead and rates. These all ultimately reflect in our pricing models and overall cost of development at the end.
  • Indian peninsula is suffering from high and dense population explosion, but hard work and education have translated them into blessing for outsourcing companies. Therefore, we have ample selection options and free rein when we deserve high quality human resources in our in-house team at premium or bargaining perks.
  • Our bloating engineering and other educational institutions are producing millions of engineers graduate with high standard education and enough internship as well as vocational training. Thus, we have to spend less on training sessions once recruitment is taking place of such highly qualified workforce.
  • Indians are extremely professional and polite in nature against their counterparts in west so we quickly earn reputations in the hearts of our patrons and capable to tie knots for lifelong relationships.


Fortunately, teams at Lujayn consist of all such desired factors that can help us to achieve respects, reputations, and admirations in the Industry and we are striving hard towards retaining this crown on our head!