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Responsive Web Design  at Lujayn Responsive Web Design at Lujayn

Today our audience is using range of devices from large desktops to tiny smartphones for our website access. Therefore, thinking only about desktops or laptops during web designing process is a big sin.

Thus, our traditional approaches towards web accessibilities become fatal for long run and we have to think about the ubiquitous web available on the range of electronic gadgets including Google Glasses and Smart Watches of Apple.


No doubt, we have to travel a log journey before Glasses and Watches, but fragmented hardware (screens in particular) and software (OSes) are hard core realities at present moment for anyone who think to have a web identity or digital identity in form of web or mobile applications.


In due course, Lujayn has formulated a success strategy for its patrons and that is responsive web designing with latest technologies, tools, and techniques. In order to educate its visitors or clienteles, we have ran some series of blog posts and initiate a though process in the minds of potential web development projects clients in part 1


Refer: Heading towards Device Agnosticism by Responsive Web Designing Part 1


However, we have some bitter experiences when we were going to convince our clienteles to have responsive designing when they were going to redesign their already existing website in particular. The main reasons behind are data of Google Analytics and cost of responsive web designing. Therefore, in part 2, we have covered these issues extensively and shown that in actual sense when you have responsive designing and Google Analytics data showing increasing traffics from the various mobile devices because in fact, website was accessible on mobile so how mobile user can surf your site and how Google Analytics show you the mobile user percentage higher.


For costing, we are the best at responsive web designing with latest technologies and cost-effective tricks of development. Thus, in long run you would have excellent ROI against initial huge/big investment over responsive coding charges and long duration of web development process.


Refer: Heading towards Device Agnosticism by Responsive Web Designing Part 1


If you are scrappy enough to attain definite success on the web take help of Lujayn to develop a responsive website or web application for you.