Lujayn Is Extending Helping Hands to Newbie WordPress Developers

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Extending Helping Hands to WordPress Developers Extending Helping Hands to WordPress Developers

Recently Lujayn had ran a series of tutorials like blog posts, for the newbie WordPress programmers who have keen desires to experiments directly on the WordPress platform, using a local host or local server on their own PC, or a dedicated PC in the office network as a server.

Since Window OS is the most prevalent OS on desktops, we have chosen WAMP Server as a local host on their local machine and taught them to install WAMP server, phpMyAdmin, MySQL database for WordPress installation environment. We had depicted them how to install and configure latest WordPress source in the following part 1.


Refer: Helping Hand to Newbie WordPress Developers Part 1


After learning some initial lessons to setup WordPress on the local host using WAMP Server and its functional parts phpMyAdmin for database setup and managements, we introduced them with WordPress databases and its components like comments, URL manager, setting, or options, taxonomy, user management, etc. in part 2.


Refer: Helping Hand to Newbie WordPress Developers Part 2


In next step, we introduced newbie WordPress programmers with cPanel, FTP, etc. We had taught them how to transfer database from existing ones to new once. Moreover, we taught them to create new database from the scratch according to their needs or businesses’ needs in part 3.


Refer: Helping Hand to Newbie WordPress Developers Part 3


In conclusive part 4, we have introduced newbie WordPress web developers to make final transfer of WordPress website from local host to live server. We taught them to do so in step-by-step manner like first importing database on the live server and then fix the critical and well-known issues like WordPress website URL by making it standard static URL from the dynamic one so it helps us in SEO. Finally, we taught WordPress web programmers to publish WordPress website after finishing final testing.


Refer: Helping Hand to Newbie WordPress Developers Part 4


Thus, we had shown our commitments towards the greater causes of the web developer community and offer true and righteous guidance in most possible simple manners and language so newbie web developers can learn enough to sustain in their fiercely competitive environment and our B2B patrons can know our domain expertise and our good intentions for the whole web programmers’ communities including WordPress programmers.

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