Lujayn Extending Helping Hands to the Modern E-commerce Businesses

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At present e-commerce sector is facing unprecedented challenges in compare to the past decade. Handheld internet usage have compelled them to go mobile or be responsive. Finding suitable development team for perfect and cost-effective responsive e-commerce is nothing but finding a needle in a haystack.


Of course, only responsive designing is not a guarantee of success, but need to incorporate current trends and online business strategies in e-commerce development in smart ways.


Fortunately, with the extensive and prolonged exposures in the e-commerce programming and designing, Lujayn has gotten knack to come up with robust and desired e-commerce solutions. Lujayn has collected teams of talented and creative e-commerce designers, skilled and domain expert e-commerce programmers, contemporary UX designers, and QA professionals with latest knowledge of technologies and tools to make bug free e-commerce storefront.


Besides these, Lujayn has an excellent marketing team to add some real values in the businesses of the patrons by suggesting, guiding, and offering relevant consultations for new generation of e-commerce entrepreneurs. In due course, we have run a series of blogs to offer some innovative thoughts, and true guidance for the modern e-commerce businesses.


For instance in:

Create an Environment with Help of E-Commerce Development to Encourage Buyers to Return

We have put emphasis on the conversion rate optimization (CRO) techniques with usage of latest technologies and tools to improve conversion rates of all sorts of e-commerce endeavors, be they B2B or B2C. Our in-depth knowledge of modern CRO techniques like content and image optimization, caches, analytics software, effective order, shipping, and checkout page designing plays vital roles in boosting, hence high ROI, due to acquisition of returning and repeating customers.


In similar fashion, our e-commerce advisers have given online business strategies in accordance to the latest changes in the retail scenario. Moreover, placed some pieces of advices as well as practical hints to go to DTC marketing strategies especially for manufacturers. Besides these, we have offered extensive helps in order to create sumptuous M2C user experiences with unique and innovative features in following blog:

Consider Going Direct To Consumer (DTC) by M2C E-Commerce Development Strategies


Apart from these general considerations, we have placed some B2B specific issues in highlights such as apparent differences between B2B and B2C eCommerce strategies and practices in following blog:

Make Differences with the Best Practices in B2B E-Commerce Development


We also have suggested modern technologies on the horizon of B2B businesses such as usage of Punch Out catalog integrations seamless with multiple vendors and their e-procurement systems through modern B2B online solutions. No doubt, practicing some best techniques available in the market like advance search, some useful back-office tools, and practical hints for UX designing for B2B storefronts on the web and mobile may make sea changing impacts on the performance of the B2B e-commerce websites developed with Lujayn.


Of course, in case of above blog we have described somewhat more advance things for the B2B e-commerce businesses. In fact, plenty of B2B businesses and even enterprises including manufacturers don’t have perfect ideas that how to leverage modern technologies and tools in their favor by going to create a B2B online presence and working on it actively at all levels. Therefore, we have initiated another blog to acknowledge the traditional B2B business about their age-old business management and strategies have no place in ever-growing market.


With introduction to the hurdles with old platforms and advantages of re-platform the B2B business using our technologies and tools, we have placed greater options for them in following blog:

It May Be Time to Re-Platform Your B2B Business



We hope with this series of informative blogs, our visitors who searching for appropriate and reliable e-commerce development partner may get some benefits at the end of the day.