Lujayn—A UI-UX-Usability Designing Company

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UI-UX-Usability Designing UI-UX-Usability Designing

At present UX and Usability are buzzwords in the web and mobile development market. All technological innovations aim to enhance user experiences anyway.

The same stories are repeating in the software development niches like web designing, web development, and responsive designing for mobile development; be it web or mobile app, everywhere end user centric designing are the most sought after skills.

Fortunately, Lujayn has oriented its strategies towards UX and Usability since the beginning. Therefore, we have well refined software development processes with latest methodologies under the hood of ultramodern infrastructure. It is true that designing user experiences are altogether different than mere stereotype traditional programming or designing.


Thus, we have formulated our user experience designing process in unique way with innovative approaches and hence trained our teams accordingly with painstaking efforts.

User Research—First Step in Designing for UX at Lujayn

This is preliminary step to know your users thoroughly otherwise, you are doing nothing, but shooting in the dark. We take help of latest user research technologies and techniques to collect the data on the all the possible aspects of the users and their behaviours.


Once database is ready, we carry advance analysis and formulate user experience visions. Here we focus on what matters the most to our customers. In due course, we take help of various designing activities such as KJ Analysis and Design the Box in collaborative and creative manners.

Design Iteration—Second Step for True UX and Usability Designing at Lujayn

There are some general steps of any software designing like Wireframes, paper prototypes, software prototypes, card sorting, and graphics designing. No doubt, we follow these steps normally, but our approaches towards these UI designing are differing at greater degrees. We perceive each UI element with a set of UX principles like effectiveness, visibility, performance, consistency, and predictability.


We iterate design with each step by thorough brainstorming with our various designers, developers, testers, and marketing teams (including SEO) along with clients and their core business staffs. Thus, we assure maximum inputs and minimum errors in our designing and planning up to programming stages.

UX Research and UX Management—Final Step of Designing for UX at Lujayn

However, we carry guerrilla like UX research with each stage of development process, our final UX experience research matters more for absolute UX and Usability testing. We use remote usability testing, carry field research, benchmark usability testing, take usability-expert review, carry accessibility audit, eye tracking, develop user persona, carry final usability testing, and at last we give green signals to our UI designers and programming staff to go ahead with crafted development path.

Hire Developers for UX and Usability

Therefore, we are the best options to induce excellent user experiences in your web designing or mobile app designing project with guaranteed success and affordable price tags if you hire dedicated developer resources from Lujayn.