Let Us Explore Hosting Options in Present Contexts

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At present, there is a race for hosting providers and they can confuse any startup or newbie in this field. Therefore, I have initiated this post to introduce hosting options and their pros or cons in respect to the present needs.


We all like delicious foods, but very few can prepare their own because most of us are not master chefs and we have to go to a good restaurants and order our choices through right selections and enjoy the well-prepared dishes.


The same is true for the businesses and web developers who have to recommend right options for their patrons. Anyway, small and medium businesses have many constraints to bear the burdens of setting up their own servers to their online ventures. Therefore, they rely on the hosting providers to host their website. In due course, they consider their web development companies to provide true guidance. Thus, web development team at Lujayn is facing same issues for sake of their clienteles and we have to struggle for right choices in contexts of our projects and its technical needs. Therefore, I have initiated this post to shed some light on very delicate matter of hosting provider selection.


Hosting Categories – In the Past & Present

In the past, at the early stage of web, we had only two choices: shared hosting providers with cheaper rates and managed hosting providers at higher rates. At present besides those two old options, things at technical point of view are not much changed and all the hosting providers offer shared hosting services, but with advance virtualization technologies like cloud services or VPS hosting by setting up your own virtual box along with dedicated computational powers.


Issues with Hosting

Therefore, you have plenty of options to select the sophistication and computational powers in the hosting options when you are going to rent a dedicated server. Yes, I emphasis computational powers and levels of sophistication because today page speed matters more than it was before due to the inclusion of loading time in ranking factors of most of the search engines including Google.


Another thing is steep increase in traffic through various forms of devices due to high proliferation of handheld devices like smartphones and other wearable devices, which have easy access of Internet through 3G/4G technologies. Thus, immediate and unexpected surge in traffic at a time become the cause of crash of hosting servers and leads to down time frequently if your selections of host or hosting packages are not perfect at tech point of views.


Ensue of Cheaper Hosting

In recent era, e-commerce is brimming and facing overload of traffic, interactions, and transactions. Thus, if your e-commerce website developed with Magento like complex algorithm and selling hundreds or thousands of products, your shared and cheaper hosting provider may prove headache for you. If you put your leg in the shoes of hosting providers, you will find that they always try to get the maximum profit out of its each server by adding as many numbers of client websites as possible.


Therefore, shared and cheaper hosting creates following issues in brief:


Performance – cheaper hosting has the least computational resources to allocate you during your peak period as well as for quick loading of your web pages even during your normal course.


SEO Issues – at SEO point of view, shared hosting creating multiple SEO related problems due to common IP address and your clients won’t attain good ranking despite all good efforts of your developers while web development as well as efforts of your Internet/SEO marketing teams.


Support System – yes, cheaper hosting providers hardly offer good and quick support system like immediate actions over just a phone call or an email or have automatic detecting system install in case of accidental crash or downing of your website. If your shared hosting provider answers you quickly, but there might not have enough expertise or team to solve your problems with the shortest downtime.


Security – today our e-commerce and other web portals who carry highly sensitive and personal data of their users want the highest level of security provisions from hosting servers too and allocating such high level of encryption technologies might not feasible for cheaper hosting providers.


Besides the above-mentioned issues, there are some common issues like caching and backup, which need attentions in modern contexts.


Thus, our dedicated web developer team is always analyzing your needs at technical point of view and predicts the present traffic load as well as increase or decrease in future traffic. After this, they suggest you the best and affordable hosting solutions or providers available in the market with details of their various packages and stages to change gradually the hosting with the growth of your online businesses or needs.