Let's Think About Wearable First Approaches in Our Software Developement

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Google Glass Google Glass

Recently, Google has announced lots of new wearable gadgets and their supports in terms of opening new scopes for software developers using Android.


Besides these, Apple is releasing many new wearable devices in the market along with iWatch. Both tech giants are in search of new cash cow for few years.


If you have looked closely at the conferences of Apple and Google, both have placed stress on the wearable devices for multipurpose such as for home appliances and health & fitness sectors. We already know the software development trends are favoring tons of fitness software on the smartphones, but these fitness belts, heart rate monitors, and other health care related gadgets have added more usefulness of those software.


Bluetooth technologies have made health and fitness monitoring quite easy, rapid, and accurate without touching any organ or part of body physically. Third party health & fitness parameter sensors take various measurements and ship the data to the smartphones or other applications on computing devices using Bluetooth. This has given fitness software developers a new direction and income sources. Something similar going with smart watches where many unexpected tasks can be performed.



Google Glasses


Google has developed wearable glasses innovative ways and opened a big sky of constantly wearing smartphones like devices on the body/head. These glasses have opened new market for remotely commendable (by speaking) devices. Some touch and some spoken gestures can let you do things quickly and easily. In fact, what these all mean to a software developers and web developers in particular?


Answers of question hold lots of futuristic things in the hand of modern software developers. We had enough experiences when smartphones were entered in the market and we have to run a slogan of mobile first approaches. Now, we are in the next train and we have to speak a new slogan. Think about the Glass first approaches!



Lessons from the Past


When we have to design and develop websites for smartphones in the past somewhere about 2008, we were frustrated with screens, touch gestures, low battery power, CPU power, and broken connectivity. We have scale down everything from the PC and yet kept user experiences intact.


Now, again we are on verse of strip down everything for sake of glass and some additional dimensions plays vital roles such as Siri or voice recognizance software. We have to design for further less. Big buttons with least texts, faint content, highly optimized images, heavy usage of videos. Integration with various 3rd party hardware, sensors, chips, etc would be a common sight for a web and software development team.


I think future web and software developers have to redefine the development methodologies, strategies, coding standards, interaction designing standards, user experience standards and many more things. Finally, the more we develop, the more we learn and set rules for industries.