Let’s Dive in Wearable Ecosystem

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Wearable App Development Services Wearable App Development Services

With recent release of Apple Watch, wearable devices and their 3rd party app market is getting momentum. Now, iOS app developers are running after the wearable app development. Therefore, it is imperative for them to the entire wearable ecosystem and then plan to develop an app as well as test it.


Recently Apple has released its first consignment of Apple Watch and created ripples in the app development market same as it did at the time of iPad released. Thus, it has pushed app development market in new direction and dimensions, say wearable app economy.


However, Apple Watch is not the first ever device of this niche, there are numerous wearable electronic devices already exist before it with number of OS platform and Android Wearable are dominating the market among all players. The main idea behind development of wearable market is to offer wearable devices that can make some routine things easier and offer instant connectivity with Internet directly or via handheld devices and their applications including smartphone apps and tablet apps.


The Field of Wearable

The field of wearable is quite wide and includes range of products such as:


  • For Eyes:
  1. Smart glasses
  2. Light emitting glasses
  3. Music glasses
  4. Imaging devices
  5. Virtual reality head sets
  6. Bionic contact lenses


  • For Hands:
  1. Smart watches
  2. Sports watches
  3. Activity monitors
  4. Sleep sensors
  5. Location tracker
  6. Emotion measuring devices
  7. Smart bands including wrist
  8. Gesture control bands
  9. Rings and finger worn scanners and sensors
  10. Pulse oxy-meters
  11. BP monitor
  12. Heart rate monitor
  13. Medicine reminder
  14. Friendship bracelets
  15. USB cufflinks
  16. Light up wrist band
  17. Bluetooth gloves


  • For Head:
  1. Smart helmets, caps or head bands
  2. Heads up display
  3. Smart headsets
  4. 3D motion tracker
  5. Hearing aids
  6. EEG headsets
  7. Bilirubin blanket


  • For Body:
  1. Smart bands with multiple sensors for abdominal area, chest area, and legs
  2. Smart textiles or clothing on entire body or parts of body
  3. Tactile vest for games
  4. Glucose monitor
  5. ECG monitor
  6. Muscle fatigue monitor
  7. Tissue growth monitor
  8. Wearable patches
  9. Drug delivery
  10. Assisted living
  11. Secure wallet


  • For Foot:
  1. Smart socks
  2. Smart shoes
  3. Pedometer
  4. In sole sensors


Technologies of Wearable

Typically, wearable devices include one or more set of technologies such as:


  • Various Kinds Of Sensors
  • Image Capturing Technologies
  • Speech Recognition Technologies
  • GPS Technologies
  • Positioning And Networking Hardware/Chips Technologies including Bluetooth and Beacons
  • Optoelectronic And Other Display Technologies
  • Specially Monitoring Technologies
  • Wearable Hardware Technologies including
  1. Stretchable Electronics
  2. Flexible Circuits
  3. Conducting Fibers
  4. Special Touch Sensors
  5. Durable Batteries, and so on

Use Cases of Wearable

In Sports & Fitness Areas:

  • Help users to obtain desired information uninterruptedly
  • Allows log vital metrics uninterruptedly
  • Allows setting targets, share activities, and workout plans on social media


In Informatics-Entertainment & Games Areas:

  • Allows users to access relevant information continuously
  • Offer augmented reality applications
  • Allows users to share media in real-time and let their hands-free


In Health Care & Medical Areas:

  • Allows remote monitoring of targeted patients
  • Allows self-monitoring of medical health parameters and log vital metrics


In Lifestyle Areas:

Run technology to display its users geeky and fashionable


In Industry & Military Areas:

  • Multipurpose heads up display
  • Multipurpose smart clothing
  • Various multipurpose hand terminals


After looking at exhaustive list of wearable devices, their areas of applications, the technologies involved, and diverse use-cases, we can easily conclude that the next era is definitely wearable era and mobile app developer who are ready to jump into the wearable application development bandwagon only have chances to survive and flourishing further in coming days.


No doubt, if you have any intention to take advantages from the future technologies, a solid mobile app development partner is essential to have at your side and Lujayn is the best choice among the existing players in the market.