Know Company Culture before Awarding Your Project—Righteous Guidance from Lujayn

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Fostering Company Culture Fostering Company Culture

Lujayn is an eminent company for web and mobile application development. Therefore, it has a well-cultivated company culture in order to meet the contemporary needs and expectations of its clienteles.

Highly conductive development environment, collaborative approaches, use of latest communication technologies to offer easy and prompt access to the developers, project managers, and marketing professionals are some of the attractive characteristics as a standard company.



However, B2B and B2C clients always are not aware of the company culture and making wrong choices. Thus, their hard-earned money goes into trash or leave with inadequate satisfaction behind. In due course, we have run a short introductory and guiding series for them on various blog posts and today I have summarized them here and given links for further reading at the end of this post.


Contemporary Technologies & Tools


Today we have plenty of options to select appropriate web development or mobile development technologies, but we devoid of its awareness and resources. Therefore, I have introduce my audience to these technologies and tools so they can select them according to the nature of their projects.


Refer: Know Company Culture before Awarding Your Project Part 1


Once you decide which technology is appropriate for you then you can easily check the portfolio or ask the selected companies directly whether they are fluent in those technologies and tools to deliver robust yet cost-effective results. Therefore, I have discussed which factors should consider before selecting a web development or mobile programming company in part 2 of that series.


Refer: Know Company Culture before Awarding Your Project Part 2


In third part I have opened discussions on the opensource platform where PHP and Java are ruling.


Refer: Know Company Culture before Awarding Your Project Part 3


In concluding final part, I have opened discussions on proprietary technologies mainly Microsoft technologies and their various aspect while select a company with such expertise.


Refer: Know Company Culture before Awarding Your Project Part 4


I hope these threads may help you to make right decisions before jumping directly on the board of various companies for your web programming and mobile app development projects.

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