How We Hire an In-House Developer at Lujayn

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We know we want to hire an in-house developer to work with us. This is our needs. Against this, one developer needs a job for varying reasons, but ready to start her/his career seriously with us. Therefore, we always take humanist approaches and try to become personable so a person can interact with us with utmost ease.


If You Are A Fresh Graduate Candidate

When a fresh graduate jump in to the sea of job/career, she may have tons of aspirations, expectations, and dreams.  Therefore, we gently handle them during entire recruitment process and try to gauge their inherent programming capacities, passions for programming, scrappiness to cope with challenges, and most importantly learning aptitudes in her genes/DNA.


If we see some positive signs, we immediately put proposal without considering her present technological/programming language knowledge because we know her passion and hard work can bring success for her in any incoming technologies.


If You Are an Experienced Candidate

Same the way, when a candidate thinking about the changing her present job she most probably not driven by mere emotions or temptations, but knows it will change her life and may begin a new chapter because she had not made that decision within minutes or in hours or in days. She might have spent days to think about the all facets and possibilities before going to declare she needs to change her present job. She might have life priorities, or, some life targets to hit, or, some intolerable pressure in her present job, or, some unavoidable circumstances those leads her to change the job.


What a Candidate Does Before Applying

Thus, she may spend her time proactively in collecting all possible info regarding to the prospective companies where she is going to apply. For instance, visit company website, its blog, about us and other company related pages where she would like to see some pictures of the company interiors, life of existing developers, their opinions on the site, general, or in person if possible.


Therefore, in a nutshell, we expect that each candidate applying on our job opening (fully described one!) may have prior info regarding the job and our company. We never expect them to throw their resumes to the “stonewall” and simply waiting for a call as we have mentioned that we are personable and easy to approach. Therefore, before making an interview call, we carefully examine the resume of each candidate and sort out the most-fit ones.


Our Interview Process

During interview process, we share coffee and create relaxing environment for each candidate so she can fully express herself and freely asks us to clarify her side too. Generally, we ask some questions to know below mentioned important things from the candidate:


Reason to Select Our Company

We ask this question in different ways to the fresher from the experienced candidate because fresher mostly opt for good company to take a start, but experienced candidate has plenty of reasons so we focus on the candidate who is interested in team building and work for long otherwise, we filter the salary rising game players at first glance.

Coding/Programming Abilities

Mostly for experienced candidate we expect them to share some code for which she is proud of or think the best piece to show. This way we judge complete coding abilities ranging from quality of code, its logic, presentation, etc. to passion for coding.


Problem Solving/Crisis management Capacities

Since this is important property for any programmer as each client comes with some problems, we, as programmers have to solve it with least investment of time, and client’s hard earned money. This question also give us insights of the thought process of the candidate and her approaches towards a professional career.


Communication Capabilities

We simply ask about her background depicting her own words (strictly not by forwarding resumes) so we can know language capacity, comprehensive abilities, presentation skills, etc. and also explore that how we can improve with some training. We do these because we are outsourcing company and our programmers have to directly deal with clients coming from any corner of the globe.


We Do Proactive Hiring Not Reactive

We seldom declare a job opening when an existing programmer leaves because we have formulate a policy to declare resignation with a notice period of a month or two. This is still reactive types of job opening, but we formulate our human resources policies such a way that we recruit a programmer on regular bases with a set intervals and increasing our team hence our capacities to product outcomes.


This way we have enough time to select a good and stable team player before any vacancy happens. This proactive approaches save us from the blackmailing activities of some immature developers in the team. Moreover, the best way we take is to create a conductive and career oriented human resources planning and policies so none likes to leave our team except in hard circumstances.


Take Practical Test

This is a final phase of our interview process and we take a practical programming test whether in first round or in subsequent rounds of interview depends on the position/post. Our practical test ranging from an hour to day or days as per needs.


With practical test, we allow our selected candidate to interact with our team in lab and let her to decide whether our working environment suits her not. Vice verso we offer our existing team to decide whether prospective candidate is a good match for our team or not because some inherent properties we can’t change with pace of time or vigorous training too.


Besides, these we know the code of candidate and candidate knows coding practices of the company so if we see win-win situation in a collaborative environment from both sides, we finalize the hiring through formal process.