How the Future of the Apple Watch Will Shape Up

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The Future of the Apple Watch The Future of the Apple Watch


Apple Watch apps are getting momentum with the release of its first beta SDK and guidelines from Apple. Therefore, iOS developers have little ideas to explore this new territory. Through this post I would like to dive a bit deeper in the sea of smart watch app development and enhance the futuristic visions quickly.


If we dig deeper in the past of iPad and its specific application development, we would have fine clues for the future of Apple Watch and its specific application in the market. It was immunity prevailing in the market for the hardware as well as software of iPad and their overall acceptability in the market.


With the pace of time, iPad becomes the inseparable entity for many and thousands, if not millions, of applications are available for iPad alone and many for both iPhone and iPad. The same history seemed to be repeated for Apple Watch and reports from market are showing apathy towards the smart watch existence and the growth of its applications.


For instance, FastCo, VentureBeat and even Forbes have entitled Apple Watch devices Ugly, Boring, and Useless to create panic for its creators as well as its apps developers who are hopefully waiting for the next turn in smartphone app development history. Many critics have raised question against the very existence of Smart Watch in the market and ask for its essentiality for the common users who already enjoying smartphone application proliferations in the respective marketplaces.


If we are going to define the usefulness and role of smart watches and their applications in the lives of people today as well as for tomorrow, we can flash on following points:


Smartphones are running our lives at present

We have millions of smartphone applications, which are playing vital roles in our day-to-day personal as well as professional lives with their features, functionality, and capabilities at hardware as well as software levels. Therefore, we don’t need one more platform to fulfill the same purposes with apps of same capabilities in the market.


Smart Watches Offers Extra Functionality

Now, what we need is a device that goes extra miles and meets us our ultimate needs of connectivity or access to the most critical information within 10 seconds without wasting times in trying to bring phones out of pockets frequently.


Yes, smart watches have the same capabilities that depicted in Star War like sci-fi movies where captain just tap on his watch screen and 3D interface emerging and begins interactions without losing a moment. Apple Watches are efficient to deliver instant notifications via smartphone apps and accomplish many vital and urgent tasks.


Now, we know the very purpose of the existence of Apple Watch in the market so let’s learn few lessons that how Smart Watch applications will take shape for a long term future.


Lesson No. 1: Less is More Here

We are aware of deficiencies of smart watches against the prevalent smartphones in the market.


  • Very small screen that allows limited texts, UI elements, and interactions
  • Tiny battery to drain fast
  • Slow & Low connectivity and dependability on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth like signal strength to connect indirectly via smartphone applications especially made for them
  • Thus, lack of standalone smart watch applications in the market
  • Low compatibility and interactivity with other devices and OS of the different genera of smartphones
  • This ultimately force smart watch app developers to create smartphone apps before releasing watch apps in order to tune them for better functionality
  • News media is one of the most beneficiaries amongst of the smart watch apps and news headlines are appearing in a single sentence as well as appetite for further reading is satisfied by directing watch app readers to their iPhone


Lesson No. 2: Haptics & Taptic

Apple Watch provides unique opportunities to explore tactile space because watch app is adding tactile element through haptics. Technically, haptics is a science to apply touch sensations and controls to the various interactions with computing applications and smart watch apps are instrumenting it.


Therefore, through Haptics, iOS app developers can add new dimensions in the user experiences. Whereas, Tapic is a feedback engine of Apple that works on taps and allows users to send subtle taps to someone for making a contact. Therefore, through taptic, you can identify the differences between the notifications sent by your selected contact and can customize it just like you do with ringtones.


Lesson No. 3: Health Monitoring Applications

Since Smart Watch is a device that stick with the human body for longer duration than any other existing gadget. Therefore, monitoring health through various sensor loaded Apple Watch devices and apps is quite feasible solution. If iOS developers work in this direction more to bring desired advancements, market is big and long lasting.


Lesson No. 4: Beacon Integration

Beacons are getting firm ground in retail industry and iOS developers can bring innovative apps with unique experiences through amalgamate of haptics of smart watches and location tracking abilities of beacons. This way customers can be targeted as well as alerted in personalized manners to close the deal.

Lesson No. 5: Proximity Apps

With combination of smart watch app and GPS location tracking, iOS developers can set shopping item lists and get special alerts through smart watch app when they reach in proximity of the stores with items listed. Thus, iOS developers have enough chances to win favor of shoppers and brick-and-mortar stores at a time.



These are few examples and guidelines to shape the future of Apple Watch apps or smart watch apps by-and-large. Fortunately, Lujayn has abilities to meet your innovative and unique needs of smartphone as well as smart watch application development using its expertise in iOS app development by respecting your budgetary and time constraints.