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Since Internet is ubiquitous and accessible on the go, through mobile devices, use of web is increasing many folds than was before. Thus, we all need an Internet identity in form of website anyhow to sustain in competition.


Unfortunately, simple website on desktop is pass√©' thing and we need responsive website with lots of interactivity, dynamism and animations without affecting performance credentials. Therefore, web development is complex and teamwork demanding process, and only accomplishes with latest infrastructural and human resources facilities.


Fortunately, Lujayn has all resources, which are essential for perfect and viable website or web application development as well as enough experiences, skills and expertise to meet the modern demands.


Lujayn the Best Choice for Hire Web Developer Needs

Unique Hiring Methodology

Since web development in mobile first era is almost a team work, and you may need hire a team from the teams of graphics designers, UI designers, UX designers, web programmers, QA team, or maintenance team according to your needs we offer you:

  • Consulting services: Here we consider your needs or business needs and provides you guidance along with the list of our designers and developers to select the best team according to your needs and choices.
  • Freedom of choice: our list of web developers and other web development team members consists of their resumes, individual portfolio and marking of their contributions in various projects so you can judge their capacities and utility in your hire web developer team. We allow you to communicate with any web developer or designer prior to hiring and take their interviews to judge them according to your wishes and needs.

Easy and Effective Conversations

Once you hire web developer or a team or web programmers and web designers, you will have guaranteed ease in communication because:

  • We trained our web designers and web developers to make effective conversations with clients using their language and pronunciations so they feel greater comfort during all communications.
  • We use all possible communication channels like email, instant messengers, live chats on our website and phone call to access your hire web developer or team member/s at any time and from anywhere
  • We run training sessions to be accustomed with different culture and languages across the globe so they fill familiarity with the target audience and clients coming from any corner of the world.

Domain Expertise and Experiences

Our team of designers are experts in various designing software as well as QA team has familiarity with testing tools and software across the platforms and domains for web development. Our developers are familiar with different technologies and tools for various domains such as:

  • Simple personal or small websites and mini web applications for personal and small businesses usage. For these, we are experts in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery and other simple scripting to make robust website or functional web application
  • E-commerce website with web application and third party tools/software integrations. Here we use proprietary platforms like Microsoft technologies, ASP.NET, C#, VB, etc. to make your e-commerce store safe and secure. We also have opensource expertise using PHP and its opensource software for e-commerce development like WordPress and Joomla with its e-commerce extensions mainly Virtumart, Magento for large and complex requirements, OsCommerce, Zen Cart, X-cart, presto shop, etc. for small to medium businesses
  • Web portal development. Here we employ our vast knowledge of website programming and web application development to bring viable and functional solutions for enterprises, news and media giants, large businesses and industries to make easy access of web and Cloud computing technologies for their internal and external usage.
  • Social networking sites. To meet the modern demands of socialization using websites and web applications with affordability.
  • Education websites and web applications. Here we provide simple e-learning platform to complex education ERP solutions to meet the aspirations of modern tech-savvy generation covering entire campus or university with out-of-box features and functionality
  • Websites and web applications for other niches like healthcare, medical, tourism, entertainment, and many others.
  • Gaming industry. We have created many gaming applications using our extraordinary gaming designing and programming capabilities in 2D and 3D environments.


Let's exchange few texts or words to understand your needs and our solutions in order to bring some cloying yet functional outcome with least investment of time and money.


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Lujayn Infoways are amazing. They outperformed my wildest expectations. Akram and his team are true experts. I will be coming back to his team for more site modifications and have already recommended him to others. I am very happy with the results.

Daniel Lalama

United States