Hire mobile application developer

Usage of mobiles is increasing with the pace of time and the march of technologies. Therefore, people are more reluctant to have a mobile application for themselves and their businesses. Unfortunately, finding a perfect fit mobile app developer for your mobile app requirements is a daunting task ever since.


If you spare a few moments on this page you might find the end of your search and may think of hire mobile application developer from Lujayn only.


You Are Better Off When You Hire Mobile Application Developer at Lujayn

Because we are:

Platform Agnostic

Our mobile application development team is consisting developers who are experts on the all-major mobile platforms technologies and tools so you can:

  • Hire iPhone application developer
  • Hire iPad application developer
  • Hire Android application developer
  • Hire Windows Mobile application developer
  • Hire Mobile Web App developer (use HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, etc.)
  • Hire cross-platform application developer

Our mobile app developer will give you native experiences on the respective mobile platform using native development languages and hardware functionality of the respective devices.


Quality Conscious

In order to bring the best breed of solutions on the table our hire mobile app programmers will take pains since the beginning of the project and:

  • employ initial target audience research
  • guerilla UX research
  • implement best development methodologies like six Sigma methodology and agile development methodologies
  • use best wireframe and prototyping software and approaches
  • use best coding practices according to the languages used on the respective platform so you will find clean, compact, and comprehensive code in our documents
  • use best QA practices and testing technologies to assure a bug free app
  • take responsibilities of App market approvals and offer marketing guidance


Offer Secure App

Our hire mobile app designers and programmers know the sensitivity of your data and your idea of app development so we first of all

  • Sign NDA to protect your ideas
  • Integrate databases seamlessly and with security coding like encryption, SSL sockets, and other modern methods
  • Use best coding practices with standard tagging in wake of beat the vulnerability while you are using web services through your apps
  • Offer secure transaction in case of e-commerce or banking like financial apps for M-commerce purposes


Offer Alluring yet Functional Designs

  • We have team of seasoned graphics designers to produce eye candy graphics all apps and backgrounds in case of gaming apps
  • Our designers for UX are devoted to make your app with excellent user experiences with balanced UI design and logistic programming
  • Our navigation and screen flows are smooth and simple to use


Devoted To Client Satisfaction

Our hire mobile application developers believe in long-term relationships with clients so they do everything revolving around the clients during development process and target end user satisfaction so our clients get best ROI with best usability and user experiences in their mobility solutions of any scale.


Other Expectations

If you have some more expectations form our hire mobile app developer other than described here, we are inviting you to come into the contact of our technical or marketing team to resolve them comprehensively. 


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Lujayn Infoways are amazing. They outperformed my wildest expectations. Akram and his team are true experts. I will be coming back to his team for more site modifications and have already recommended him to others. I am very happy with the results.

Daniel Lalama

United States