Future of Responsive CMS and E-Commerce Web Designing in Australia

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Future of Responsive Web Designing in Australia Future of Responsive Web Designing in Australia

Mobile consumption is getting momentum worldwide and Australia is not lagging behind it at all. Before predicting any future, let’s evaluate the stories of past and present so we would have wide picture of the future crystal clear.


Handheld Device Consumption in Australia

In recent past, Ipsos MediaCT and others have carried out an online and personal (face-to-face) survey of Australian audiences who are accustomed with online surfing at different level. Some, more than 1000 Australian adults have responded the questioner willingly and they were of 18 to 64 years of age groups.


Before analyzing the results of survey let’s see the data of the smartphone consumption in Australia. There were 37% people were using smartphone during year of 2011. A sharp rise registered in 2012 with a mark of 52%. It was a more rise in 2013 and covered 65% population in Australia.


Smartphone Penetration in Australia


Smartphone Use Cases in Australian Audience

Just like US, UK, and Canada smartphone and tablets become ubiquitous and found used everywhere. If we dug the statistics of its usage we see that nearly 96% people are using them at home, 82% while on the go, whereas 70% in a store while purchasing something. The same rate of 75% observed during work as well as during refreshment times in café or bar. However, during commuting it drops to 65%.


Thus, the above data indicates how, where and when our Australian audience is using handheld devices and how we have to plan our responsive web design strategies accordingly.


Smartphone usage in Australia


Smartphone Usage Behavior of Australian Audience

Since business and website developers are interested in the study of the behavior of the smartphone usage alike, we have conclude that nearly 86% use them for sole communication purposes, though not only on call, but also use chat and other means of instant communication channels on the social medias too. If we see closely, nearly 77% of them are surfing email on handheld devices and somewhat 70% people use messaging system of any kind.


Information consumption taken place in 61% population either by news channels or reading blogs, review channels, etc. Fortunately or unfortunately, 90% population get entertainment through mobile devices and they use video and game the most in categories. Therefore, designing games in responsive layout is mandatory now a day.


Behaviour of Australian Audience


Future of Responsive Web Design in Australia

Grabbing Australian audience online is not possible without responsive web designing for your business. Be it simple CMS blog or giant e-commerce store development, help of Lujayn responsive design team is inevitable. As we have seen in above data that people obtaining information through blogs and reviews in order to take effective buying decisions.

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