Jom Social Upcoming Birthday Module:

Joomla provides exceptional socializing opportunities on your Joomla websites or on Jom Social - social networking websites created using Joomla. Birthday wishes belong to the essential social activities across the all cultures of the globe.

However, remembering our friends' birthdays and wishing them on proper moments is tough to manage job for most of us. If we have excellent birthday reminder installed on our social networking site or joomla enabled Jom Social website, we can offer great services to our joomla web development clients.

Keeping such things in mind, Joomla development team at Lujayn has done some hard work on coding and designing to make a contemporary Upcoming Birthday module, with exceptional modern features for our tech-savvy generations.


  • Display friends birthday
  • Its integration is easy
  • Display upcoming birthdays within a range of your choice, including today's birthdays
  • Hide or show ages
  • Wide range of browser competibility and responsive design adaptability


Front View

Front end

Module Settings