Assure a Successful Email Marketing Campaign Part 2

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Welcome Email Marketing Welcome Email Marketing

Lujayn is not only mean to designing and programming, but also dependable friend of its patrons and their businesses. Since marketing is prime need of success. E-mail marketing is still functional and viable strategy in modern marketing. Therefore, Lujayn is extending helping hands to create HTML-CSS based emails with modern concepts of email marketing. This series will introduce its various facets in friendly manner.


In previous part 1, we have taken some introduction and advantages of email marketing for our businesses. Besides this, I have given some outline of the main topics that we are going to address in this and coming episodes of this useful series for Internet marketers as well as business owners who opt to do it with DIY spirit.


Now, as promised we will get into different categories of email used in the marketing purposes in modern concepts.


Types of Emails in Email Marketing

There are nearly dozen types of emails used in email marketing and need careful designing and strong design strategies. Lujayn team of email developers usually classified them in following ways:


Welcome Emails

This kind of emails are generating in response to the new signups for the newsletter with brands or businesses or during checkout, etc. processes where subscription is demanding first. These emails give confirmation and welcoming message to the subscribers with warm greetings. Therefore, this kind of emails have the high opening rate of above 50% as they are in list of expected emails and hardly reach at spam folder.


Since it is advisable to generate welcome email with highly personalized approaches, email programmers at Lujayn always take help of dynamic programming languages like PHP to generate email content with inclusion of personal info collected during signup process. For instance, you can use exact name of your subscribers at the beginning while greeting/addressing them.


There are some general instructions to assure high favor of subscribers such as writing alluring and compelling subject line and greeting texts. Don’t overwhelmed in texts and images, just greet the user and give link to useful content on your site. You should place request to add you in their address book/add in whitelist in highlighting style. It is designers’ or programmers’ job to let to know that how to add you in whitelist.


It is mandatory to give setting options in welcome email to set the frequency and other needs at first place so subscriber can know about the emails and their frequency in prior to sending them in spam. Same the way add unsubscribe link at the bottom so if anyone can detached immediately before you sending in spam folder by mistake. Apart from these, the most important thing is generate and send welcome email immediately or as early as possible so you won’t miss yourself from the fading memories of users.


You can collect additional info of your users in setting section so they can get personalized emails from big brands or get opportunity to establish personal rapports with them. Many smart marketers always offer some incentives in the welcome emails like vouchers, coupons, gifts, etc. o their bonds with new subscriber become strong and initiate further interactions.


In next part 3, we shall explore other types of emails in such detailed manner so wait please.