Assure a Successful Email Marketing Campaign Part 1

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Email Designing Services at Luajyn Email Designing Services at Luajyn

Lujayn is not only mean to designing and programming, but also dependable friend of its patrons and their businesses. Since marketing is prime need of success. E-mail marketing is still functional and viable strategy in modern marketing. Therefore, Lujayn is extending helping hands to create HTML-CSS based emails with modern concepts of email marketing. This series will introduce its various facets in friendly manner.


Unfortunately, many Internet marketing experts consider email marketing a past thing in wake of modern communication channels on web, social media in particular. In reality, social networking channels comprise of different sets of audiences with different purposes and needs.

Email Grabs Actual Audience

 Our actual prospective customers are sitting still aloof and out of our reach through these modern communication channels. Moreover, social audience is not always serious about the professional needs. They always searching for professional sources and only trust on such professional approaches. Luckily, email marketing is falling in such categories of professional channels. It also offering one-to-one approaches and trustworthy environment.

Email Has Easy Access

For instance, on FB or Instagram, you can’t negotiate with clients and vice verso. You can’t offer personal incentives for your sale with highly personalized experiences, only email can initiate such dialogs in righteous ways. At other side, access of emails is quite easy due to ubiquitous Internet on mobile devices. Anyone from anywhere and at any time can open email through her mobile/handheld device with just a tap of finger. We don’t have to wait for the recipient to reach at her desktop or open mail in next morning in her office.

Guaranteed Success

Moreover, recent survey indicates that nearly 40% sale is taking place with 8% audience comes through email marketing campaign. Perhaps none of our modern Internet marketing methods have such high efficiency that email has. If you think about the investments, few dollars per month if you use MailChimp like services or designing your own custom email cost only equivalent to a single web designing cost.

No doubt, collecting right email addresses is a daunting task at initial stage, but worth investment of time in long run. Against these all advantages, uncertainty in form of low opening rate and declaring of spam attempt are somewhat manageable matters as disadvantages.

Topics for the Series

With this introductory knowledge of email marketing advantages and disadvantages, I would like to proceed further with a set agenda of topics that I am going to cover in this series.

  • Types of emails: I shall describe various types of email classes used in most of email marketing campaigns in present days such as: Welcome Emails, Newsletter emails, Transaction emails, Educational emails, Event-based emails, etc.
  • Designing aspects of email: I shall depict various design practices like responsive designing and regarding to design components in email designing.
  • Programming or HTML email designing: I shall discuss technical aspects of email development or programming using latest technologies and tools.
  • Email designing and marketing strategies: in this section, I shall discuss email marketing strategies related issues and cares need to take to assure success.
  • Email Templates or Frameworks: I shall introduce you to the prevailing email templates and frameworks for some standard email types and importance of custom built emails in your businesses.

Let’s wait for the next episode in a short while.