Ask Some Vital Questions before Hiring Us Part 2

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Questions before Hiring A Company Part 2 Questions before Hiring A Company Part 2

Lujayn has always helped its patrons to make right decisions through righteous guidance. Therefore, I hope this post also help new visitors to take right decisions with right logic to make their investment worth.


In first part of this series, you have seen some vital questions playing greater role in decision making. Now, we will keep threads continue in this post.


Do You Know Contemporary Technologies

In web development, responsive web designing is booming and need of the hour. Therefore, confirm first that your selected web development company has enough skills and tool to manage your project successfully with a responsive web design.


Same the way opensource technologies are trendy and cheaper in compare to proprietary platforms, but managing security aspects are daunting tasks. Therefore, shoot direct questions regarding to that and get confirmations through their previous clienteles.


However, opensource technologies are not free at all as their additional plugins and other extensions cost you dearly. Therefore, confirm all those points before any commitment and weight them against the one time license fee of the proprietary technologies.


What About Maintenance & Support

This is crucial factor to have support after deployment of website or web application. Otherwise, you would have a big failure. Therefore, ask about the guarantee period, maintenance period (free or paid), and live support in case of emergency. Many server related problems can’t solved by simple email supports and need live chat or access of IM communications with technical team is mandatory. Therefore, it is good you confirm such commitments beforehand.


Ask About Time-to-Market and Overall Cost

There are many projects, which need quick turnaround because competitors are ready to beat them if they become late to enter in the market. Thus, confirm first if your business is falling in such categories. No doubt, price or budget of the project is the most vital issue for any project and its success so at the end you get at least ballpark estimation from your selected company along with project scope documents so you can avoid future frictions from the beginning.


Ask About the Development Process

At technical point of view, this is critical question because development process indicates many things before asking to the web developer team. The more refined the development process, development methodologies, and latest development tools you have greater chances of success and satisfactions.


Ask About Source Code Authority

It is true that many web development companies still never handover final source code to the developers and keep it with them in order to monopolize their market. Thus, we advise you to don’t get trapped in such mesh and confirm that company have enough transparencies in all these matters.


Therefore, you feel free to go anywhere and with any other developer for either maintenance or redesigning in future if you own your source code.


If you still have any doubts regarding to our web development and mobile development processes or policies, please feel free to ask us directly without missing a moment further.