Ask Some Vital Questions before Hiring Us Part 1

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Questions before Hiring A Company Part-1 Questions before Hiring A Company Part-1

Lujayn is one of the prestigious web and mobile development companies in India so it always wish give transparent experiences to its each new and loyal clients. Therefore, we have run an awareness campaign for new comers on our website.


Before a decade, to have a web identity was an essential for any business or brand in order to sustain and grow. Interestingly, that craze is fading with introduction of mobile devices using Internet and other means of contact with the targeted audiences. In very recent past, to have mobile app for business becomes a craze and flooded App stores with essential and useless mobile apps.


However, developing robust and functional mobile app is a bit costly affairs though we see positive ROI. Therefore, contemporary businesses have greater dilemma to have whether a website or a mobile app to reach at maximum audience. Therefore, Lujayn has placed all possible solutions for different types of business to select option wisely.


Our experiences with broad spectrum of clienteles indicate that taking a smart decision needs a solid counselling for majority of people across the globe. Once they decide to have a website, they still have immaturity to select the most suitable web development company to realize good fortunes from their hard-earned money.


In order to assist them, we are giving a set of some vital questions to ask to us and other web development companies in your list. Let’s explore those smart questions form a client’s perspective.


Are You a Genuine Company or Middleman

It is not necessary that each web development services offering websites have backed by or owned by a genuine web designing or web development company. There are plenty of middlemen existing on the web who claims false and big and working as only marketing agent who see fatty commissions for each project of web programming and handing over your projects to the mediocre companies which are offering them lowest rate behind the curtain.


This can prove a big disaster for a quality seeker client and for long-term maintenance or crisis management. As middleman has nothing technically offer to you. Of course, some B2B web designing firm outsource some of their work, but they are exceptions because they only ship projects, which are out of their expertise/resources, but they can manage its maintenance smartly as they are through tech geeks.


Thus, selecting a B2B local provider is not a nonsense step, but wise one to reduce lots of stress and burden from your shoulders.


How Long Do You Working

No doubt, this question is directly related to experiences and somewhat team size. The longer the duration, more mature, experienced, and skilled team you have at your service. You can go further and ask them to show somewhat technically similar website examples or code to your idea or business. This gives additional guarantee of success. You can see our About Us page to know our aims and team. You can explore our portfolio to get better ideas regarding to our work, and finally, you can go through our testimonial pages and ask for the references/contacts of our patrons who have expressed their satisfactions in their own words.


Unfortunately, due to space constraints and complaints from mobile users, I have fragmented entire post in two parts so don’t miss to click on the part 2 of this series and get finished with it.